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Ken Maes

Post-doctoral Researcher (10% ZAP), Academic Faculty Staff


I'm a scientific researcher with a biomedical background.I have developed a broad interest and
knowledge in the (patho)biology and development of diseases and cancer. My primary research goal is to translate this knowledge to identify new potential drug targets or combination regimens. I am interested in the development of biomarkers and the mechanisms of new and existing therapeutics. I specialized in the fields of pre-clinical oncology and iron biology. During these projects, I was involved in concept designing, coordinating projects, designing and conducting scientific experiments. I gained experience in a wide variety of cellular and molecular assays to adress cellular, biochemical and molecular processes and drug-related mechanisms. I also gained experience in bio-informatics including microarray and sequencing. Being part of an international research team helped me to grow as a scientific researcher and was a great stimulation to continuously increase my knowledge. During my work as a researcher, I’m focused and motivated to successfully achieve research goals.


Brussels Health Campus